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Permeable Paver Edging


PICP (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement) Permeable paving is a range of sustainable materials and techniques for permeable pavements with a base and sub-base that allow the movement of stormwater through the surface. In addition to reducing runoff, this effectively traps suspended solids and filters pollutants from the water.

Whether pervious concrete, porous asphalt, paving stones, concrete or plastic based pavers, all these pervious materials allow stormwater to percolate and infiltrate the surface areas, traditionally impervious to the soil below. The goal is to control stormwater at the source, reduce runoff and improve water quality by filtering pollutants in the substrata layers.

Our Spikeless PICP Edge Restraint, PERM EDGE™ holds permeable pavers firmly and permanently in place and comes fully assembled. Geogrid anchor is permanently attached to the SnapEdge™ paver restraint and Installs on top of the stone chip setting bed.


 stacks_image_388 Made of 100%
Recycled High Density
Polyethlene (HDPE)
 stacks_image_389 Still Made
in North America


  • Fully assembled
  • 8’ SnapEdge Piece w/ attached 8’x4’ Geogrid Anchor
  • No costly concrete to pour
  • No delay in project construction
  • Can be installed in straight runs or curves
  • Adaptable to wide variety of cross section construction details
  • Works for 6 cm and 8 cm permeable pavers
  • Edging remains hidden after completion
  • Installs on top of stone chip permeable paver bed
  • Holds permeable brick pavements in place

Product Brochure

Length per piece 8′
Weight / Piece 2.5 lbs.
Pallet Packaging 64 pcs.
Pallet Weight 310 lbs.
Pallet/Crate Size 98” x 48” x 32.5”

Sold by the Pallet or Piece at a dealer near you.

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